Things I won’t argue about – Baseball

I’m going to try this every once in a while; Let me know if it sucks and I’ll never do it again. I’m not a good arguer; I never have my thoughts collected and I always think of something to say 10 minutes later, long after the argument has died down. I also hate arguing over the internet, as whatever you write is usually broken down and analyzed by a team of industry leading scientists who then return an itemized list of what you said and why you’re wrong. You know what? That’s actually not a bad idea…

This is what I’ll do; I’ll occasionally bring up a topic and I’ll write my response to a handful of arguments and counter arguments and that’ll be the end of it. So if I ever get in an argument, I’ll just cite the blog and be done with it…well not really. That’s kind of douchey  But you get the idea. Moving On:

I grew up, like many, in a household devoted to the Great American Pass-time. My Dad has been a life-long Phillies fan so I grew up with a respect and admiration for Baseball. Admittedly  it never really took off in Little League; In no way was I ever destined to become the next Mike Schmidt. I moved around a lot when I was a kid; not a ton, but enough to never establish an emotional connection with a particular team; at least until High School.

I grew up in St. Petersburg, home of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays – a team from the late 90’s that quickly became the leagues whipping boy. I remember going to games; mostly because it was cheaper than a movie and we could buy nosebleed seats and sit on the first baseline without so much as a second look at our ticket stub; but for atmospheric reasons too.

There isn’t anything quite like a Baseball game when you’re in the stadium. It’s a feeling that I can’t express, but it’s soothing and exciting at the same time. Maybe it’s the leisurely pace of baseball or the heart pounding moments in Extra Innings. Who Knows? I understand that most of the country doesn’t share my opinion on Baseball, so I would like to share my counter arguments on the subject and never bring it up again.

‘x’ sport is better than baseball because

  1. ‘x’ Sport has more fans
    if we’re using the number of fans to quantify which sport is better, then Dr. Who and Star Trek have more fans than any national sport, so it must be better.
  2. ‘x Sport has more viewers
    If you’re still reading this then you didn’t Read point ‘A’ enough. Same thing, but with Dancing with the Stars and Jersey Shore.
  3. Baseball is ‘So’ Boring
    Listen, I get that we as a nation have the cumulative attention spans of gnats, but whether or not you think something is boring is subjective. I think that Medicine and biology are boring, but I’m glad that’s not a universal attitude, less I’d have nobody to patch me up if i got sick. I think that watching a romantic comedy is boring since it’s usually not romantic (more often creepy) and it’s not funny (more often physical humor in the same vein of the Three Stooges which died out like 40 years ago, right? Right? Guess not.). There are plenty of other things that I find boring that other people find Fascinating and have developed hobbies and careers around them, and you know what? I’m happy that they did. That’s what makes us as humans such a versatile species.
  4. I’m still convinced baseball is a stupid, stupid-person sport and i don’t like it cuz I dont wanna!!!
    Geez man chill. fine by me. If hearing me say that your sport ‘x’ is better than baseball, fine i’ll say it. you’re sport is better* than baseball. reach for a bottle of milk, something. move on with your life and out of your parents basement and learn that not everybody has to like your things and only your things. Life is gonna be rough for you kid.
    *I really don’t give a shit what you think.
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